Sustainable Revenue Streams:

  1. Monthly recurring revenue from merchant subscriptions in return for VABot Ai hardware and software licence(s).

  2. Terminal end-user transaction fees on purchases and currency exchange

  3. Mobile in-app purchases and transaction fees

VABot Ai Super Terminal Subscription Revenue Model:

The VABot Ai buiness development team aims to generate merchant partnerships to secure orders and roll out installations for the VABot Ai intelligent Super Terminals. With the potential for grant subsideies in order to boost adoption, enterprise merchants will generally pay licence cost and/ or subscription fee to VABot Ai for the terminal, such fee will be discounted should the merchant pay in $VAB tokens.

VABot Ai Super Terminal and Mobile App Transaction Fees:

End-users of VABot Ai Super Terminals may perform various functions and terminals may offer multi-vendor features, for example combining cinema tickets and mobile phone top-ups. Depending on the puchase, or funtion, VABot Ai may levy a small transaction fee. With mass adoption of the terminals at sites around the world and the VABot Ai mobile app, VABot Ai may accumulate substantial transaction fees.

In order to boost adoption: VABot AiOT may offer Merchants a revenue share on transaction fees generated by the terminal.

In order to secure long term merchant retention: VABot Ai may offer merchant a reduced subscription cost after the first year, up to 20% discount, due to reduced distribution and sales costs from year two onwards.

As a scenario, with the successful distribution of VABot AI powered interactive terminals, together with growing custoner base of mobile app users, VABot Ai could achieve and exit range of $500M-$750M within three to five years.

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